About Jess

I’m a professional author, artist, and for years I was an Equity Stage Manager in the theatre.

My current project is a young adult fantasy novel, The Song of the Summer King.

I’m from the mountains of Montana; I’ve traveled the United States with theatre tours and left the country only twice: once to Italy, once to Scotland.

I drink a lot of coffee, I love music and travel and Renaissance art. I read (some) poetry, watch a lot of movies, read, and aspire to get up early. Among other things. I still think the original Star Wars is one of the best stories of our time.

If you’d like to know more, drop me a line!



14 responses to “About Jess

  • Eric

    Will online orders of the hard copy be signed?

  • Kathryn Walmsley

    Dear Jess,

    I think you made a great choice in offering your wonderful new book free on Amazon. There are a great many of us who constantly monitor Amazon for new free books, we may have no money to buy at the current $12-18 dollar price but don’t underestimate our power to give you a lift.

    I enjoyed the book tremendously and really hope there is a sequel. The descriptions were so perfect it’s made me itch to get out my tools and clay and start sculpting.

    Best in all you do,

    • jesseowen

      Wow Kathryn, what a wonderful compliment. I’m so so happy that you enjoyed the story, and honored that it inspired you creatively (your work is gorgeous!) I hope you stay tuned for book 2 next year ;D

  • Kessie Carroll

    Hello Jess,

    Would you be available for an email interview about your book? I just finished reading it, left a review, and I’d love to interview you on my blog, netraptor.org/blog. I want my friends to know about you and your gryfons, since I hang out with a bunch of indie authors. My email is netraptor001 at hotmail dot com. 🙂

  • John Anderson

    Would like to hear your comments on helping new Authors. My E-mail is janderson015@centurytel.net Thank you, Mr. Anderson

    • jesseowen

      Hi John! That’s a broad question and I’ll email you o.O

      • JAnderson

        Hello Jesse,

        I mainly wanted to tell you what a gift you have getting your book out before the public etc. I am sure you will have a lot of success selling your novel. I have self published a novel, Dakota Gold, and find that writing a book is one thing, but selling it in this competitive world takes a special gift that not too many of us have. I just wondered if you had started your Publishing Co.yet and if you were going to work with new writers etc.

        Thanks, John Anderson

      • jesseowen

        Wow, thank you! And congratulations on getting your own book out there! I have done a Ton of research on marketing and am pretty shameless when it comes to peddling my book (I stopped a young couple in the store where I work and gave them a promotional bookmark because the guy was wearing a Sonic the Hedgehog hat, and people who like Sonic tend to be in my Target Market 😉 . I HIGHLY recommend a book called, “The Complete Guide to Self Publishing,” which is like my publishing bible.

        Right now my main focus is my own work, and I’m not planning on opening myself to new writers for a couple years, simply based on financial resource, energy and time. There are many many groups out there for writers (tons on Facebook!) where you can keep finding support and new readers.

        The biggest, most important thing to keep in mind is that writing and publishing is a lifelong process. Don’t ever, ever, give up. Your audience is out there.

      • JAnderson

        Apprieciate your input and suggestions. Hope you all the luck in the world in your writing career.

        Mr. Anderson .

  • John Anderson

    I just wanted to say that I am impressed with your ability to get your book out before the public and the internet etc. I self published a book, Dakota Gold, and only wished I had your gift. Its one thing writing a novel, but you need to be an enterperner to sell books. Anyway I thought you were thinking of starting your own Publishing Co. Appreicate any input on this.
    Thanks, John Anderson

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