Running Wild on a Purple Unicorn

I did a little Facebook post on finding several bins of old drawings and watching my own imagination run wild. I see some artists maintain their wild imaginations, and some get locked into putting too much “reality” into fantasy works. A famous comic book artist who I absolutely ADORE and respect is even guilty of this. When asked to draw werewolves, he was so locked into the reality of what size the ears should be that he thought the people who wanted the wolves drawn a certain way were stupid, ignorant troglodytes.
Of course I respect the natural world. Of course I think we as artists should consider what would be “realistic” so that our fantasy worlds feel rich and real . . . but not at the risk of enjoying all the crazy things we can come up with.

When I was young I would pretty much storyboard whole novels with intricate drawings, rather than writing them out (started writing furiously when I was about sixteen). I’ve found whole series of drawings that are obviously from the same storyline.

…I wonder if Mom and Dad were ever concerned about the inner workings of my brain.

But anyway, to help everyone else loosen up their own sense of fun…

I’d like to offer you a slice of my thirteen year old brain.

PLEASE click on each image for a full description and mildly amusing commentary.



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I’m a professional author, artist, and for years I was an Equity Stage Manager in the theatre. My current project is a quartet of young adult novels titled The Summer King Chronicles. I’m from the mountains of Montana; I’ve traveled the United States with theatre tours and left the country only twice: once to Italy, once to Scotland. I drink a lot of coffee, I love music and travel and Renaissance art. I read (some) poetry, watch a lot of movies, read, aspire to get up early. Among other things. I still think the original Star Wars is one of the best stories of our time. If you’d like to know more, drop me a line! ~Jess View all posts by jesseowen

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