There’s No Wrong Path

I’m so lucky to be surrounded by a writing community of all ages, experience and skill levels, and points of view.

I’ve gotten lots of advice and encouragement about the marketing, selling and promotion of SOTSK, as well as lots of free help and PR from writing friends.

It will be so fascinating to watch the weekend’s experiment unfold. There are mixed reviews about offering books for free on Amazon. Some say their sales skyrocketed, some say turn back now! Certainly, offering backlist books for free is a great way for an author to draw in new readers, with tasty Samples.

But I have no backlist. SOTSK is my debut. I have shoved it onstage to find a very small audience. So I had to find a way to get more audience members in the door. Why not give a few away? I was nervous. Would it de-value the book? Would it make me look like a desperate indie author? Would it ruin my career?

Step back. The nice thing about this stage in my life is that I have no career. I have one book and two day jobs and a draft for the second book . . . and a handful of readers who want to see that second book, ASAP.

And so far, the only thing that’s happened as a result of my give-away decision: That handful of readers has just gotten a whole lot bigger.

And readers is exactly what I need.

As Neil Gaiman said in his inspiring commencement speech… the gatekeepers are leaving their gates. There are no more rules.

And there is certainly no wrong way to do this thing.

Fair winds!


About jesseowen

I’m a professional author, artist, and for years I was an Equity Stage Manager in the theatre. My current project is a quartet of young adult novels titled The Summer King Chronicles. I’m from the mountains of Montana; I’ve traveled the United States with theatre tours and left the country only twice: once to Italy, once to Scotland. I drink a lot of coffee, I love music and travel and Renaissance art. I read (some) poetry, watch a lot of movies, read, aspire to get up early. Among other things. I still think the original Star Wars is one of the best stories of our time. If you’d like to know more, drop me a line! ~Jess View all posts by jesseowen

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