Monthly Archives: June 2012

What’s New Eagle-cat, whooaaa whoaa!

Okay, that was my play on ‘What’s New, Pussycat,’ and it was so-so. Oh well 😀

Here’s the skinny, because I’m sitting in the middle of my new nest with my husband 😀 on camp chairs because we have no furniture yet, but I feel I should post an update about something!

Kickstarter is wrapping up with just a few hours to go and it’s been so HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL I just might book a plane ticket to hug all my backers weep for joy.

The book will still be available after Kickstarter! Just not signed, and none of the exciting goodies. I will have this site structured to take book orders soon. The official release date for the e-book is July 14, and it will be available through all the usual e-book retailers. The hardback will release later this summer/early fall, depending on printing schedule.

That’s all for now! I have unpacking to do!